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RCO Analytics LLC is a

Healthcare Analytics Company

focused on leveraging data to improve Quality of Care and Cost, enhance Provider experience and Patient engagement. The platform is EMR agnostic, real time, with enhanced data integration capabilities. We use cutting edge technology such as robust Data Mining, advanced Data Visualization and Predictive Modeling tools to support Population Health strategies including Risk Stratification.


Patient density

Why RCO Analytics


Largest de-identified LIVE database of 300K CKD patients


Support 300+ Physicians & 21 Practices across the US


Clinical, Operations and RCM dashboards with benchmarks and powered by AI based predictive models


Rajiv Poduval, M.D

Gurdev Singh, M.D

Hamoudi Al-Bander, M.D

Roy Marcus, M.D

Nilesh Joshi

Platform Features

  • Ability to drill down to specific KPI’s and Metrics
  • Descriptive Dashboards insights to Practice Operations
  • Predictive Modelling using Artificial Intelligence to identify High Risk Patients
  • Prescriptive Analysis to mitigate Care Gaps and recommend Treatment Plans leveraging Robotics Process Automation


  • Key metrics and specialty-specific benchmarks to drive excellence of quality care and operational efficiencies
  • Patient population density maps for identifying growth opportunities
  • Longitudinal analysis of patient’s labs benchmarked against a cohort with similar disease stage/medical condition
  • Promote Patient Physician engagement
  • MIPS/MACRA scorecard
  • Evidence-based insights into Care Gaps and Call to Action
  • Risk stratification for intervention
  • Identify High Risk Patients based on Predictive Models such as Tangri
  • Longitudinal analysis (scorecard) of patient’s labs benchmarked against a cohort with similar disease stage/medical condition
  • Deeper insights into Practice Operations – capacity planning, cancellations and patient no show analysis
  • Revenue classification by Payor, Physician and Service Type
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) Aging and Collections Reporting
  • Real-time drill down (CPT code and diagnosis) and filter capabilities – No spreadsheets needed In the that case
  • Payor Analysis
  • Meaningful insights from the largest (300K+) live Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) de-identified patient database
  • Expedient Data tool to identify patient population by common diagnosis, medications, and lab results
  • Ideal for Pharmaceutical companies, Universities looking for CKD patient data studies at multiple sites across US
  • Population Health Management Analysis
  • High Risk Patient monitoring and management
  • Evaluate Risk-based contracts and shared saving models
  • CKD Benchmarking of staging, outcomes, utilization and care gaps
  • Supports 10 EQM measures
  • MIPS/MACRA CMS Reporting
Platform Overview

Platform Overview

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